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Diet really does effect your skin - Been acne free after cystic acne for 15+ years

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Hi All, I decided to come back and just re-confirm to everyone in regards to acne and diet.  As, it can be confusing with doctors telling you diet has no effect on your skin.  Not sure, if they really do not know, or they just do not want you to know so they can prescribe medication and get commission from the pharmaceutical companies!  Anyway, quick back story - during most of my high school my skin was pretty clear and I would get the occasional zit...but often clear skin.  Then when I turned 18  my skin went crazy.  At the time, I did not realise, but it also coincided with when my diet got really bad (made friends with a friend who loved candy and fast food, which I then started eating more of).  I have a fast metabolism, so got away with eating the junk.  Anyway, slowly the pimples starting coming, until my face had 15 spots at a time.  When I went to the dermotologist she said it was not caused by diet and prescribed my antibiotics, which I took for a year and then when I got off, my skin EXPLODED....because guess what, that destroyed my gut and killed my good bacteria.  So then I started developing cyctic acne and I scar easily...so my face was COVERED.  I would get a new painful cyctic pimple every day sometimes two in a day...but then have several active ones on my face because my skin could not heal from them - took weeks to heal and then MONTHS for the scar to fade...so my skin was horrible.

Anyway, I saw a chinese doctor and did accupuncture, took some teas and realised that diet does effect my skin...I learned nuts, avocado, dark chocolate etc caused me to break out.  Everyone is different, so you need to figure out what are your causes...its trial and error.  It took me a year to figure out what it was.  Anyway, once I stopped eating those foods my skin cleared and then eventually i was able to have a little of them with out breaking out.  For example, I could have one avocado a week with out getting a pimple, but if I had every day then it would break my out.  I could have some chocolate 2-3 times a week, just not daily.  I have been clear for over 15 years.


However, I developed Rossacea after having my third child and had to take some medication for a few months due to complications...anyway that medication messed my system up and I waited a year to see if it would clear, but nope.  So now here we are again...so unfair!  But I finally figured out that cutting out grains and dairy makes my rosacea go away....will slowly add back in to see how much I can tolderate, but want to wait a few months.  I just started this new diet and one week in my rosacea is 75% gone, so want to have it 100% gone for a good amount of time before adding things back in.


It is frustrating, but there is hope.  I hope this helps someone.  And just so you know, once I figured my trigger foods, once I stopped eating them, it helped straight away, I would not get a painful pimple daily (but it took weeks for the current ones to heal)....but I could see the changes were helping instantly.  

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