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New to forum, any tips for my type of acne?

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Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum. I look forward to meeting you guys and learning more about acne. I am looking for some insight into what type of acne I have and whether there are alternative solutions. My acne seems to look different than all the pics in the gallery. Let me give you some history. 

I am mid 30s with two kids. My acne seems to change over a span of 10 years. Starting with enlarged pores, to small pimples, and now deep cystic acne. I have been on epiduo (tactu forte) for a year. It seems to help with the small acne but not the cysts. I have taken two different antibiotics (mino and doxy) but just as they were beginning to work, I experienced side effects and the dr ordered me to come off them immediately. I am left with isotretinoin and an option but fear it. Spiro hasn't been offered to me but I am hesitant to take it since I have had severe anxiety in the past. I suppose we are all in a similar struggle but I was wondering if some of you had any advice that I haven't yet heard of.

Some interesting facts about my acne is..tons of inflammation but rarely whitehead or pus. Very painful and sometimes will almost seem like cellulitis because a large area is swollen (1.5 inch area for one). It is mostly on chin but also some of jaw, near eyes, ears, and rarely anything on my forehead. Any moisturizer makes several cysts overnight. I have never heard of this happening to anyone else but even with the CeraVe it happens. Masks make it worse. 

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