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hello my name is alonso, i am a 20 year old boy who suffers like everyone in this group the blessed scars of acne. i want to share my experience
Under the ignorance of my family and myself for not seeking the right information I did not take the importance I should acne until I spent more than 1 and a half years approximately at my age of 16 years leaving me a lot of scars that is the vast majority not to say only the so-called "Ice Pick". 
In which on my own initiative I decide to go to a dermatologist in which he prescribes me ... basically 1 year taking isotretinoin 20 mg every day a week to stop progressively with manual cleanings doing monthly peelings for general cleaning. Seeing that most of the treatment only gave me a great dryness giving me that false sensation of being better since my skin was dry and clean... but at the time of leaving the treatment more than everything for the topic of the money... it gives me a rebound that is related to the topic of my facial hair.
To tell the truth I want to emphasize that most of the blame for my active acne I guess is on the hereditary side .... Since my father tends to have an oily skin that sweats at the slightest effort but of course he is "hairless" important issue at the time of my hypothesis. And I have a large amount of body hair due to my mother's inheritance.
Generating an oily skin with a lot of hair ... that is perfect for the issue of my acne is generated so exaggerated .. making my hair clogged by excess bait and making the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes is happy and multiply .... 
Well I wanted to improve my scars through a Dermabrasion... something my dermatologist offered me... and I agreed in an ironic way believing it would solve my problem.....
Well the subject of dermabrasion gave me in the first weeks the impression that it worked perfectly but it was nothing more than a simple illusion because the inflamed skin made my skin look uniform... giving me to investigate and see the future solutions and with the help of many of you giving your criticism to these pseudo treatments that are really ineffective... gives me to think if the solution to this problem is really near or far ????
But these last months I keep thinking about a crazy solution for people with very damaged parts in specific parts of the face....
I don't know if it's crazy but I think it's feasible and everything.
Seeing on topics related to the skin and the subject of facial reconstruction gives an illusion pulling a hope that makes you believe that it could work .... the so called "Skin flaps in cancer facial surgery" makes me believe that it could be an optimal and long term solution for those who only have scars in specific parts of the face and concentrated ... the issue is that they cut parts of the dermis and cook in different ways depending on the part in which the cancer is found ... but I do not know if they will be equally effective when used in acne scars .... 
do you think it would be better to invest in reconstructive surgery using skin flaps than spending money on polishing or filling damaged skin?

it will always leave a residue of a line but I think it is better than having a face with holes or sunken ...







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excision is the last solution; if you have ice pick you should try the tca CROSS. usually with 3-5 treatments you will have excellent results.

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