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Green tea, ECGC against very oily skin

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Good morning all,

I have already launched 2 topics on this forum to suggest because of extremely oily skin.

To sum up, I have suffered for about 20 years from this skin which about 1 hour after washing is incredibly oily to the point that people ask me why I am wet.

I tested accutane which works great for 3 years at low dose but which has side effects so I quit since July 2020.
my skin is oily again, but not as bad as before.

Today I want to test green tea because according to some studies it would lower the level of sebum and acne but I still hesitate:

1) or drink 2 cups of green tea per day for example

2) or by taking ECGC food supplements

but how many milligrams of ECGC must be swallowed for it to be effective.

in studies they use ECGC creams.

for those who have tested green thz do you have a reduction in sebum?


Thank you

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Thank you for you answer.


I'm going to order the now brand egcg box on amazon and drink green tea every day ...


I will test vitamin b5 afterwards and then vitamin d3 there are some in whom vitamin d3 works wonders but they really had oily skin.


everyone believes they have the worst oily and hard to judge thé efectiveness of these vitamines on extremely oily skin

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I am 59 years old.  I still have very oily skin.  Started when I was 12.  Here is what has helped me.  Insulin Resistance Diet.  I am not over weight so I never considered an insulin problem but I guess I have one.   Takes at least two months to help.  6 capsules of 500 mg. B 5.  One 300 benfothiamin a day.  3000 mg of myo inositol a day.   Magnesuim and potassium powder drink twice a day.  Oil reduced about 75 percent.  Never give up on finding your cure. Good luck.  

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