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These pictures are in order from before procedure,right after and 9 months later. So I've had rf genius needling done. Although the needle marks left after were barely noticeable, I've notice my pores appear bigger or I have some that were never noticeable before the procedure. These treatments are too expensive for people to risk having their skin permanently damaged. Now my Dermatologist wants to try tca cross for the ice pick scars but I don't know if I should even trust that. I've been watching Dr. V Rattan on YouTube which has given me very useful info on brown skin and scarring. She doesn't recommend tca on our skin. Any one had success with rf needling?


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I also had genius and feel like it worsen the scars and also seeing holes where i didnt see before, not sure if its too early to make a judgement for me since they say final results come 3 months later, but can u circle in those pics where u see worse scars so its easier for us to see?

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Genius can cause new scars not only bigger pores and dots. I still have these many months after treatment even though I used Retin A and sunscreen to make them fade away. 

Had only small improvements which are not what I expected for the high price and the big promises. 

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The picture quality is sharper and closer than the original picture. I'm using the moles as reference. 

I don't doubt it worsens scars though. I'm so ready for RF to stop trending. 

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