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How much down time is there for Infini/Genius for acne scars in your experience?

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I am considering doing a Genius/Infini/RF microneedling treatment on my acne scars. I am curious about the experience of other people? Particularly curious how long after the procedure it took others until they felt nobody would notice? The doctor told me 3-5 days but I've had laser treatments done and I feel like it's always longer than what doctors say

Thank you

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I've had RF genius needling. It was VERY PAINFUL even with numbing. The dots/scars are TINY. If your still wearing a mask or even not you can't really notice mine were gone in about 3 days. 

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Doctors always give you a shorter estimate to sell you treatments. It's BS.

After I got it done, I was not ready for public viewing for about 6-7 days. I still had dark marks that took at least 10 days to clear up.

But what's downtime to you? Do you in a place that doesn't care what you look like? Then maybe 5 days is ok. If you wear a mask and can cover most of your face, heck, you could return to work in 2-3 days?? But if your treatment is outside the area of your mask, then I'd say at least a week. Please don't put anything on your face while it's still healing, unless it's moisturizer.

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On 5/4/2021 at 8:06 PM, UbiquitousFrog said:

Thank you all! Very helpful.

"Downtime" to me is when friends wouldn't ask if I had something done on my face and let's say feeling "back to normal" enough to go on a first date. It sounds like that's about 10-14 days for Kay. @Amanda Hall and @Antique84, would you say the same? 

I think 10 days is ok. 14 days should be good.

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