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Hi, I would like some advice on what type of scarring I have and how best to treat it

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I've attached a number of photo's and hopefully a video (if it transfers properly) that showcases my scarring in a number of lights. I've been on 20mg of roaccutane (isotretinoin) since October 20th and get off this December so I won't be able to get any treatment until June 2022. However, any recommended dermatologists would be much appreciated (preferably in the North West of England). Additionally, any recommendations for topical treatments to reduce the hyperpigmentation would be appreciated. I was using rosehip oil for this but i'm not sure if It worked or if it was just time that did the healing.

First pic is probably the worst possible light for my scarring - don't think I'd ever realistically be in that light but I just used it to showcase the extent of my scarring on that side of my face. Also sorry for the scraggly bears, its coming off soon:smileys_n_people_24:IMG_0375.jpg.547696e4fbf92e8c7e4c7dcd03f33cf2.jpgIMG_0573.jpg.2a7dc60be6ab374752ed43d3adba846b.jpgIMG_0375.jpg.547696e4fbf92e8c7e4c7dcd03f33cf2.jpg




IMG_0633 (1).jpg

IMG_0649 (1).jpg

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I'm horrible at recognizing scar types mainly differentiating between box and rolling, but your pigmentation looks like PIE. As far as topical treatments, apparently vitamin c, silicon sheets, and just time is supposed to help but personally mine have been there for forever. Haven't tried the silicon sheets but vitamin c didn't seem to help and time sure as hell hasn't. Worst case you can do lasers like v beam (I just got this), excel v, or other pulsed dye lasers to get rid of the marks (only if they're PIE which I think yours is). 

Completely unrelated - I'm a guy but I just got to say you got nice eyes lol. I wish I had that color

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