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25 Female Chin & mouth acne, pls help identify

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Hello. My skin is normally ok, maybe one spot a month if even but I moved back to Ireland from France about ten months ago and since then my chin is constantly occupied by pus spots and also big sore spots. It hurts to open my mouth sometimes, and It’s leaving me feeling really anxious about it. 

Can someone tell me what kind of spots these are? Or suggest how to get rid of them? 

I wash my face twice a day with cerave hydrating cleanser +

use hyluronic acid + niacinamide + the cerave moisturiser with niacinamide. 
I also switched to inkey list saylicylic acid cleanser about three months ago. But no joy.


Any info or input appreciate. Thanks in advance. 








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It's best to see a dermatologist about this as we are not doctors. 

In my OPINION, they are just pimples with more inflammation than normal. Have you tried the typical Retin-A and other retinoids? You can try Benzoyl Peroxide (don't be too aggressive) as well.

A doctor can prescribe doxycycline but that will mess with your stomach.

If you had lots of lots more pimples, Accutane would be a consideration. But talk to a doctor first.

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