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Tca cross results 3 treatments

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Hello folks. 

i have been dealing with acne scarring for few years now and in the beginning i had fractional co2 treatments and some fillers which helped my rolling scars alot. However I was still left with sharp edged icepick and boxcar scars which i didnt like so i started tca cross on February this year. Now its been 2 weeks since my 3rd treatment. Treatments were spaced one month apart. I wasnt really sure about results before, scars just were red and had this shiny top when the scabs fell off which made them only more visible. Today though I noticed that 1 of my scars (circled red on pictures) seems like it may have filled in. Spots are still red which may not be visible in the pictures and the texture is still a bit odd. Here are pictures from before treatments and today. Pics are taken on same place and same lighting as well as i could. I dont want to get hopes up yet but you may judge yourself if you see improvement. Not every scar has been crossed only the bigger ones since the smaller ones you see in these close up pictures are basically just textural. Temple scars(circled purple) were the deepest ones and they seem to me to have gotten a little bit wider as well. I will try to keep you updated if i see future improvements.

First one is before from one angle, second is today from same spot and angle. Third before, fourth today






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