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Why is my nose Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

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Hey, quick backstory on my skin.

I first started getting acne at 12. I never had severe acne, but I would get a good few spots on my T-zone. At 13 my doctor put me on a benzoyl peroxide stick, I was told to just rub it on my face (with no moisturizer). It worked really well and my skin was crystal clear until nearly a year later it stopped working. I guess my skin got immune to it or something? From then on I was trying all sorts of stuff to cure my acne.. lemons, apple cider vinegar, harsh scrubs, etc. I was big on popping the white heads (I know, very bad) which is probably why I have such large pores on my forehead and near my nose. The spots gradually got less intense though and I got my skin under control when I was 16. I used the Ordinarys salicylic acid solution and it worked great, even though I used it everyday which I know now isn't the best for my skin.


Anyways, to get to my point: I'm 18 now and even though my acne is not an issue anymore, I've got a lot of redness, especially on my nose. I've got some redness on my forehead and chin too but it's not as bad as the cheek and nose area. My skin started getting red when I was 15 I think? All I remember is that I got a big pimple on my nose and it stayed there for months. When it finally went my whole nose was bright red. I don't know what the redness is.. I thought it was maybe a damaged skin barrier due to the benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, but my skin isn't irritated or dry. My other guess was rosacea, but my face only got red after I tried all those horrible natural remedies. So, as a long time stalker of acne.org I've decided to finally create an account and ask for help.


For reference: I have an oily t-zone, and dry cheeks (sometimes they can be flakey but very mild and not often).

My skincare routine:

Farmacy green clean cleansing balm.

THC cleansing oil.

Krave beauty green matcha cleanser.

Paula's choice 2% BHA. (I only got this a few days ago and have just used it on spots, so I know it's not caused by this!)

La Roche Posay cicaplast baume b5.

Krave beauty oat so simple moisturizer. (I find this moisturizer doesn't quite work for my dry cheeks so I use my spare Nuxe beauty reve de miel cream for that).

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