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Subscission with Filler Spacer Question

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I had sub with filler. It gave improvement and I assume the filler was used as a spacer as I was not instructed to do any suctioning. There was improvement ( some over done filler but nothing as bad as the deep indents ). It’s been about a year now. Is it typical to go for a round two and how - if at all - could the filler that was used be affected ? 

unrelated question - is the use of microneeding good after sub with filler or can it interfere with the filler that may still be present ? 
thank you.  

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I too just got this done.  I just thought about this this morning (microneedling after getting filler).  I'm not too sure but I do know laser can sometimes vaporize the filler though it prob depends on filler/laser.  Do u notice after a year that the filler has mostly dissipated? or does it look the same/you think its still there, and are worried microneedling could mess up the filler

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Worried about this as well because I still want to be able to microneedle at this point.

I'm planning to see Dr Rullan this week for subcision for the 4th time and will try suctioning again but more aggressively this time around. Probably best to not get filler, right? 

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On 4/13/2021 at 1:39 AM, SharonBarnes said:

I still see and feel some filler. 

Whats the Name of the  filler

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