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Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation after chemical burns

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Hi all,

I recently found the acne.org forums after searching for people who are going through the same situations as me. In early February of this year, I got 3 chemical burns on my face due to an allergic reaction to a product I used. It made me so so so insecure and for days all I could think about was how bad my face looked and how much I wanted to die because of it. I have been using the "Admire my skin Ultra Potent Serum" which contains hydroquinone and a lot of other acids that are ideal for treating hyperpigmentation. I think it helped slightly to reduce the brown discoloration that resulted from the burns, but now the spots are kind of reddish brownish. I will say that it is a lot better than how it was before, but it still hurts even walking past a mirror seeing how my face looks now. I want to get a chemical peel, but I don't know if it will be much help. I also have consulted a dermatologist about this and she gave me a cream to settle the inflammation first. I can't tell if my skin is still inflamed or if it is just red now. The spot on my right mouth corner is my biggest concern. It feels rough and dry and almost has a slight layer of scab on it. I'm even thinking of getting laser treatment but idk if i should bc i'm only 14. Please reply with any help, everything is greatly appreciated. 

Here are some pictures of how it's looking. 


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