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My Acne Scar Expereince With Dr. Rullan

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I had originally warned everyone about Dr. Rullan on this forum as I had heard some experiences from him were less than desirable. After getting about 7 quotes he seemed like the most reasonable one that would provide the best results so I decided to hesitantly bite the bullet and go with him for my acne scar treatment. My treatment consisted of TCA Cross, Juvederm filler, subcision, and Erbium laser all of which was done on the same day for $1999 which is cheap compared to the $5,500 I was getting quoted from other doctors who pushed Bellafill and subcision. The treatment at Dr. Rullan’s was surprisingly very smooth. I almost didn’t feel a thing besides the Juvederm and the laser which hurt the most. What confused me though was that he put the filler in the top layer of the skin and then did the subcision which tells me my tethers are not being supported by anything as he said that he was going into a “deeper layer” for the subcision. After everything I was extremely swollen, like Alvin and the Chipmunks type of cheeks, but so far the healing is going okay. Dr. Rullan so far has proven me wrong and his procedure was great but only time will tell as I continue to heal. With that being said I’m on day 4 after subcision and I have a question, I really want to perform suction especially since it sounds like none of my tethers have support but I got Erbium laser done so my face is still red with the laser pattern on it. When would it be good to perform suction? I’m giving myself until day 7 but I’m afraid it might be too late and the tethers might already start forming again. I appreciate all of your help and if you all have any questions about the procedure please let me know! 

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By the procedure going great I mean it was very smooth from the staff making sure I was all checked in and taken care of to the actual procedure being almost completely painless. They also listened to my every concern and if I was hurting he would ensure that I was numbed more before proceeding. As far as the results I obviously have to wait until the swelling goes down but I’m hoping to only have to go to him one more time if my scars depress dramatically. I’m not looking to have a baby smooth face because I know that will take thousands of dollars worth of treatment but if I can get it to where my scars aren’t very noticeable in daylight then I’ll be happy. 

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