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Adult acne after age 50

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I haven't posted in awhile because talking about acne when you are reminded of it daily is difficult. I have had acne for 35 years, always moderate but some cysts (and always embarrassing).  Topicals have never touched my acne, only pregnancy and accutane have helped.  Anyway, after many years of low dose accutane, I became concerned and emailed Gerd Plewig, the guru of low dose accutane.  He told me I had been on it way too long, and I needed to give my body a break. It never really cleared me fully anyway.  I had to take more to arrest the acne, but then I had the dryness side effects.  I stopped the low dose accutane and tried Spironolactone (for girls only).  I started at 50mg/day and it did nothing.  By this time my acne was always a keratin plug creating a deep lesion that required removal of the plug to heal.  This created sores, holes, and some scars.  I upped the Spironolactone to 150/mg day with my ob's permission and no improvement occurred after 2 months.  Due to my frustration and disappointment (I should be dealing with wrinkles, not acne!) my husband urged me to return to the dermatologist.  My PA is awesome and she diagnosed cystic acne and wants me to try a full course of accutane again along with 100mg of Spironolactone for hormonal control.  I should have done this earlier.  We'll see if it works this time.  I wish I had known to redo a complete course of accutane after my second try.  The dryness side effects are there for me whether it's full dose or low dose, so why not make them temporary with a full course?  The positives?  I am almost completely wrinkle free; people are shocked at my age.  Also, the accutane helps prevent skin cancer per my research.  Lastly, I could seriously get a job as a makeup artist in Hollywood after years of covering blemishes.  (Btw, low dose works well for my friend in Australia who used to have cystic acne, but she only has to visit the dermatologist once a year there.  She has decided her frame of mind is more important than any long term side effects from accutane.  I cannot say I blame her).  Let me know if anyone is interested in my journey; there is little on middle aged accutane on the internet.  Best of luck to everyone on here.

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