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Accutane permanently damaged my eyesight and my skin type. Is there ANYTHING i can do to reverse the damage it has done to me?

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Short back story: A year and a half ago, I foolishly took the advice of a dermatologist to take a third round of Accutane to clear up my persistent acne. I was skeptical and knew it wasn't a good idea considering how much it permanently changed my skin type by the two prior courses, (I now have uncomfortable bone dry skin) However, to cut a long story short I stupidly decided to listen to the ''expert'' and give Accutane a third shot. I have never regretted a decision more in my life.

A couple years before that I had Lasik eye surgery which cost approx. $6,000 to correct my horrible vision I've always had. The results were amazing. However, a few months into taking my third Accutane course I noticed a considerable change in my vision, especially when in indoor settings at University, shopping centers and while driving in low light and at night. I immediately stopped taking Accutane and went back to the place which conducted my Lasik eye procedure to ask what was happening. He agreed there had been a deterioration in my eye sight and agreed that Accutane was to blame as it shrinks your oil glands which can cause vision problems. When I asked if the damage was permanent he said ''Yes.''

A year later, my vision has not improved. I've had to go back to wearing glasses whenever I attend University classes or drive in low light. Years later, my skin has never returned back to its normal state. I now have to use multiple heavy moisturizers with facial oils, sometimes multiple times a day to relieve the dryness. I also have to apply Vaseline everyday inside my nostrils to stop the dryness in there. This has been absolutely devastating to me. I kick myself everyday that i did this to myself.

I want to ask is there ANY possible way to reverse any of the damage Accutane has done to my sebaceous glands? Is there any hope at all? I read another post on here by another member that going to see a endocrinologist might be an idea, but does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I don't care if i get all my acne back,  I just want my vision and my normal skin type back.

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