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Menopausal acne - Support please!

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Hi guys, I'm 2 months in to treating my menopausal acne with the régimen and I have also been taking Spirolactine for 8 months I would welcome empathy and encouragement! 

Initially, the Spirolactine seemed to trigger large patches of cystic acne-possibly they were there anyway, plus it reduced facial hair growth and acne formed around stunted hair roots, but since September, I haven't had any new acne...I came across this website in December and ordered the products, then started the régimen mid January and just as the guide said, slowly, the old acne has come to the surface...it is extremely painful and looks like burns on my face so I'm grateful to still be in Lockdown and covering up with a mask! I've always had acne but since becoming menopausal a few years ago, it has become much deeper and more resistent to treatment. I don't know anyone whose has ever suffered with acne like this and feel rather isolated so I just wanted to post in this community for some encouragement... Clearly the treatment is working but slowly-which is the only way with such deep, cystic acne...I think another 2-3 months will see things improve considerably and I'm excited to have much clearer skin by summer... I've just had my Covid Vaccine and booked a holiday to Cyprus so things are looking up! Xx

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