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Valters Stojass

How can I improve my skin after TCA cross treatment

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Dear Doctors,

Hope you are well. 6 month ago TCA Cross was performed on me buy using needle. My skin was numbed, but I experienced agonising pain at every appliance although Dr sad it was performed only with mild 30% concentration and was very lightly injected/scratched on top layer of the skin. It was healing for next few months and now I have left with much deeper and wider scaring and very uneven skin all over my cheeks. Can someone please explain what went wrong and what could be cause of complications and what can I do to fix it? :smileys_n_people_15:





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Hi, we are not doctors! We are just normal people, or patients of doctors, if you will. :)

There are no guarantees with TCA Cross. The theory is that TCA Cross will make your scars shallower but at the same time have the possibility of widening your scars. This is why it's important for the doctor to know how to apply the TCA. Even so, scars can still widen. It's been said that after Cross, your scars may look worse for the first several weeks but then get better. Let's hope this is the case.

I can only go off of what other people said about Cross. I haven't had success with TCA or Phenol Cross but have read stories of people getting improvement. 

I'm surprised that this happened with 30%.

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