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Can anyone recommend a great Dermatologist, Cosmetic Dermatologist, Etc in CALIFORNIA or bordering states to help improve my acne scars? ( pics )

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 I would LOVE to find an actual acne scar specialist as well rounded as Dr. Davin Lim in Australia but here in the states, more specifically in California. I live in Sacramento but would travel any part of the state or to a bordering state for a really good recommended Derm even if they are not an acne scar expert. For the life of me, I cannot find a true "acne scar expert" who specializes in acne scars who is well regarded here in California.... CALIFORNIA of all places! I know Dr. Davin Lim has recommended Jason Emer before but I don't know, he's too hype for me and I hear mixed reviews. Just a decent Cosmetic Derm that does great work, that wants to help and not rip you off. Recommendations welcome.

I lurk around reading everyones stories so I finally posted. It's funny I am looking for a Derm. that specializes in "acne scarring" but my facial scarring is actually due to Dermatillomania. (Skinpicking Disorder) I had beautiful, pimple free skin most of my life then in my 30's I started breaking out. That plus a lot of stress started me picking big time. I'd pick at non existent things.I'd pick at existing things. I was obsessive. I ruined my skin, but I did the work in therapy and medication and quit picking several years ago and started the journey to recovery and repair my skin. I began with understanding I will never have my scars 100% "removed", I can only hope for the best possible outcome.  

My treatments so far: In the beginning when I was fool and went to a Derm without doing any research I signed up for a 6 Fraxel Package deal. I had 3 fraxel dual? I can't remember which one exactly but after the 3rd one healed and I saw not even a little bit of improvement in addition to it giving me MAJOR brown hyperpigmentation beard ( the area of skin the laser treated), I cancelled the other 3. The hyperpigmentation beard finally faded after 8 months, but Fraxel was a waste of money. Just like Dr. Davin Lim said, they totally treated with the idea that the device is one fits all for improving all my scars instead of evaluating each of my scars and putting together a real tailored plan. OK,  the next year or so after that I dermarolled here and there and did some at home chemical peels from Make Up Artists Choice, which I have to tell you did more for my scars than the Fraxel. Not even screwing with you. Then I went to a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon and had subcision done on both cheeks, chin, nose, in between eyes ONCE  then added in with Bellafill filler. I did see some minor improvement with that subcision. I went back 3 months later to get 1 more syringe of Bellafill and it tricked me because when they immediately inject it, the scars that are indented were filled and it looked like my old face again. I loved it. But Bellafill absorbs into your body or some crap like that  ( which means my scars deflated again) and eventually it's supposed to help you make you "own collagen" and that is supposed to be somewhat permanent. Well Bellafill never helped me make enough collagen. I wanted to go back to see if 1 more syringe would do the trick but it was $1,000 a syringe and I couldn't play the guessing game on that cost. I do feel like Bellafill works, just the amount of Bellafill I feel I would need to correct my scars the way I would want to ...it would probably cost me $10,000.  After this I have been using a Derminator monthly       ( microneedling) or so and doing my at home chemical peels.

I need something stronger, though. I should have done way more research before going all in. I know, I know my PICTURES SUCK! but they are what they are, and I really do not think with my type of scars any thing will really help except maybe several, maybe even 3-6 sessions of subcision to see how lifted I can get my skin with the healthy skin and then top it off with filler... the filler that is INSTANT RESULT not the Bellafill. I was thinking maybe INFINI might help with texture or maybe a couple of a deeper chemical peels, the kind you can only get from a professional. What do you guys think? Any feedback is welcome. THANK YOU!!


Scars 3.jpg





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DM me. I'm in CA as well.

Don't see Dr. Emer unless you're willing to sell your house and pay for his lifetime treatments. Dr. Rullan is great with subcision and is the only one I know in CA that does Phenol Cross. For fillers, you have many more options. Laser treatments are trickier because there aren't many specialists for that.

I think subcision is going to help. I'm sure a number of doctors in the Sac area are capable of doing that. I've only heard of Dr. Reginald Rice in that area.

I had Bellafill injected as well. Most doctors say it's safe. Some are very reluctant to use it because they say it has a chance of migrating.

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