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Finally have my acne under control with MSM & Witch Hazel

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First off I just want to say that I have been suffering with severe acne since I was a teenager and well into my adult life. Now, that's not to say that as I got older and was out of puberty it didn't get better, but it certainly didn't stop at all. Even though the acne may not have been as severe, I was still left with terrible scarring from my teenage years and had my moments of major flair ups. One thing that I think really helped me out and something I have been taking for probably 20 + years is MSM. I started out with (1) 500mg capsule per day and slowly worked my way up over the years to (1) 1,000mg capsule in the morning and (2) 1,000mg capsules at night before bed. I just take them with water and there is no need to take them with food. I buy the Kala Health vegetarian MSM capsules off Amazon. I used to use Natrol brand, but it was becoming harder to find in the stores and the Kala brand are 99.99% pure, where a lot of the other brands have filler in them. Before you buy, read the label. The MSM really helped with my extremely oily skin, and because it helps with collagen production it healed a lot of my scars as well. With the MSM you have to start out slow. I buy the 1,000mg capsules, but if you want 500mg in a capsule you either have to purchase another brand or you can purchase the Kala Health OptiMSM powder that you can mix in water or other liquid. I suggest you read up more on MSM and how long you should take it before bumping up the dosage. 

Kala Health Vegetarian Distilled Supplement


I tried a lot of other products and what finally helped me get my acne under control was a regime of MSM capsules and the following - 

Morning & Night 

1)  I start by washing my face with Clean & Clear Essentials Foaming Facial Cleanser (Oil-Free)

Clean Clear Essentials Cleanser Oil Free

2) After washing I dry my face and put on witch hazel toner. I just saturate a cotton ball and rub it over my entire face. I use Dr. Dickenson's brand because it's cheap and can be found in most stores. I have also used Thayer's brand, but I didn't see any better results for the added expense. The witch hazel will help to balance the PH levels of your skin, help to clean out your pores and even your skin tone. You may break out for the first week or two, but you really need to stick with it to see the awesome results. This stuff has been amazing. 

[Edited link out]

3) After the witch hazel dries for a few minutes I follow up with Kala Health's OptiMSM gel. This works as my moisturizer and helps to keep my face from drying out from the witch hazel and it heals my scars at the same time. 

[Edited link out]

I have read that some people have also used  the MRM brand MSM cream with great results, so it may be worth a try instead of the Kala Health brand. It has some additional ingredients in it, but they are all natural. 

[Edited link out]

There you have it. It's not much, but after all the years of suffering and spending a fortune with different treatments I finally found something that works consistently. That's not to say you might not get your occasional pimple, but I have not had a major flair up since I started on this regimen and any new pimples seem to clear up fast with almost no scarring and hyperpigmentation. 

I hope this helps and Good luck!!









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