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Body Dysmorphia with Acne Scars

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What is the best way to tell the degree of body dysmorphia versus something to actually stress about? I’ve had body dysmorphic long before I got scars. I’ve noticed when it’s not my acne scars my OCD/BDD intensely focuses on something else. Many people tell me that they just simply don’t get what I’m stressing about and that my skin looks smooth when I show them my scars in average lighting. The image of me taking bad selfies in super harsh lighting or constantly mirror checking in awful light is such an intrusive thought in my head. BDD is so hard to navigate. I will say when I see others with what I consider mild acne scars or any mild scars for that matter, I think that it is absolutely nothing to fret about. I simply can’t understand where my scars stack up to how I see others. Is there any tips to understand the reality of our scar situations? 

I will also say that even before my scar journey when I thought my scars were at their worst, at a couple scar evaluations they barely saw any intense scarring and instead thought I just had a couple little boxcar scars. Later I went to Rullan who takes scar pics in harsh lights and in those pics my scarring looked nonexistent. Surely in specific angles my scarring appears more than a couple boxcar scars, but i’m having practically an existential crisis over whether my scarring is awful or nothing more than mild damage.

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