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ADVICE needed before considering phenol peel with Dr. Rullan

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So before I decide to do a phenol peel with Dr. Rullan in June here are some pictures of my skin. I have been on and off on these forums for many, many years and have done treatments of all kind for over a decade. I find everyone on here very knowledgeable and helpful so advice would be much appreciated. I am doing another subcision and filler in the fat loss area on the cheeks (caused by fraxel repair and highly recommend people avoid lasers at all costs) before I go ahead and do the phenol in June. My scars in the centres of my cheeks are from an at home chemical burn from thirteen years ago and the rest of my texture issues are a result of a few years of acne along with some damage from the laser which brought out new issues (as you can see I have many scarred pores). My forehead used to be smooth like my chin and mouth area but when I did laser on this area I immediately got texture issues there so I have realized that me and heat don't get along. 

I last did laser sometime in 2017-2018 and I have done only microneedling sessions since then (last one was a few months ago) and my at home care routine is tazorac, niacinamide product, and a moisturizer so a very basic skincare routine. When I wear makeup I can camouflage everything extremely well and use a product called dermaflage to fill in some of my scars. 

Dr. Rullan and his staff that I have met twice and keep in contact with through email think I would benefit a lot from the modified phenol peel. Also, my scars in the central part of my cheeks are slightly hypopigmented, as well. Would the phenol peel be beneficial or could it potentially cause worse issues? My biggest concern is what it would do the pigment of already hypopigmented areas. 









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