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H E Pennypacker

What worked - chronic cystic back acne - Male

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After OVER a year of success I wanted to share what worked for me. 

I'll leave a link below to a post of mine from 2013 detailing my history with acne and some of the treatments I had over the years.

This clear skin success has been a long time coming (I'm 36).  I wanted to share because...

  • I had chronic cystic acne all over my body for over 23 years
    • Mainly back and shoulders
  • Acne really took it's toll mentally which negatively effected many aspects of life
  • It's frustrating to hear people say 'this works' when they ONLY have a day, week, or month of success.  
    • Could you wait a few months proving you've healed before polluting the world with 'the miracle cure'.  Dafuq bro


To summarize my acne...

  • Had since 13
  • Teens -
    • hella oily face
    • Cysts would develop all over face, ears, neck, chest, shoulders, back
  • Adult -
    • oily face
    • Cystic back and back of shoulder acne


So fastrack to 36 and I was able to get some relief. 

At 35 I was diagnosed with IBS, SIBO, and some other stomach/small intestine issues.  I had stomach issues for years without really realizing it.  I was always bloated/tired after eating and for some dumb reason I thought that to be normal.  While attempting to treat those stomach issues was when I became aware that low-energy feeling was not normal.  It was also when I became acne free. 


I did the *Monash University FODMAP Diet.  That got rid of the SIBO and eventually the acne cleared too.  I did this diet with the help of a Naturopathic Physician.  She went 'beyond' what the Monash University FODMAP App recommends.  Meaning she laid out a more detailed version of what foods to choose from.  Although I think the App does a pretty good job.  It took about 4-5 months before I realized that I was all g.   


I attribute the Diet to being the primary reason for success.  It was what I feel was the main reason for healing my skin but I want to also mention something else.  I had foot/ankle surgeries in my teens.  This resulted in me leaning to one side and just walking/moving in an abnormal way.  Over the years this irregular movement pattern shifted EVERYTHING in my body (joints, ligaments, organs, etc.) in an unnatural way.   Around the time I started the Monash Diet I also began routinely doing...

  • Joint mobility exercises
  • Yoga
  • Deep breathing while exercising
  • Egoscue

... The results made me walk, breathe, and move in a more natural way.  I feel this also had a positive effect on my digestion.  Which likely had a positive effect on my skin.  It's hard to explain but when doing these routines there were times when I felt pressure in my body just immediately subside.  There were points where I could REALLY BREATHE DEEPLY for the first time in my life.  I wish I could confidently say it was ONLY one of these OR the other but I feel both played major roles.  

I hope something here helps.  Keep searching.  I spent years defeated having just given up and that got me nowhere.  I had to travel and meet people with alternative ideas of wellness (Eastern Medicine > Western Medicine) to get relief. 



















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Forgot to mention Vitamin A...  I take 10K IU every day or every other day when I eat something w/ fat. 

If I stray from the diet and eat things I shouldn't, cysts can begin to come back.  Vit A has helped get clear again. 




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Some quick searching makes me believe that this diet helps control insulin secretion (insulin swings high/low) and insulin resistance through carbohydrate management. Many of the higher carbohydrate foods are avoided, limited, or portioned. Vitamin A probably helps with oil production/regulation. Good for you. 

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