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How can I treat these scars?

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I have currently been microneedling and have had some results, but nothing special. I had three treatments with 1.5mm needles and was considering trying something else because the needling doesn't seem to do much. My pores and skin look worse right now after i started microneedling and next week will come another session. I want to try something different and more effective.

I have had these scars for 6 years now and I put my social life on hold because of it. I have had acne since middle school and I am now 24. Despite no longer having much acne, I still have post war marks. I am at the end of my rope and I don't think I have the will to live much longer with a face like this.

Which treatment would be best for treating these scars?


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36 minutes ago, JBoogie said:

I am at the end of my rope and I don't think I have the will to live much longer with a face like this.

Which treatment would be best for treating these scars?

It's obvious you've never seen severe scars. Listen, your scars are minor. They're easily treatable.

WHAT YOU NEED IS A PLAN. Here's a roadmap you can follow:

  1. 3 x 100% TCA cross to each boxcar scars. This will smooth out scar edges.
  2. 2 x Fully ablative laser. This will help with skin texture.
  3. 1 x Sculptra + RF microneedling combo. This is to level out the rolling scars.
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I agree with Sirius Lee. Your scars are not as devastating as you think they are. The condition of your skin is good so you will respond well to treatment. Your main issue is what appears to be enlarged pores but are actually scars. This is my advice...

1. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. This will help reduce breakouts. For me, 4 glasses does nothing; 6 glasses reduces oil; 8 glasses completely clears my skin.

2. Drink collagen powder daily to plump up your skin and reduce oilyness.

3. Do a face mask once a week to keep your pores clear. I recommend a mask with dead sea or a mask with a very low concentration of acid like glycolic acid or lactic acid. The mask has to dry completely once applied. The ones that stay creamy tend to clog pores if you have acne prone skin.


Since it seems your at the end of your rope, do the following for immediate effect to reduce your type of scarring...

4. Apply lactic acid peels once a week for 4 weeks. If you are satisfied with the results, stop at anytime. You can purchase a high concentration and water it down if need be, but concentration has to definitely be higher than 25%. Leave it on for 10 minutes. Lactic acid has no downtown because it does not peel nor does it turn the skin brown, which means you don't have to be a shut in while you heal. You will just have slightly dry skin around day 3 or 4. Do not scrub the dry skin off. Let it slough off naturally. The peel will decrease your pore like scars and even out your skin tone. If you go out, apply sunscreen because if you don't, you will live to regret it, i.e. melasma galore.

The following will require patience to see results...

5. Continue with microneedling once you complete the peels, but take a 2- 4 week break in between the two procedures. Another poster recently provided a link to an article about the frequency needling should be done and the originator of the procedure now says for maximum results do it once a week to stimulate maximum wound response. I don't remember the number of weeks it stated it should be done, but I would say 4 - 6. I recommend a needle size between 2 - 2.5 mm in the area you pictured. Your skin has to bleed. Needling will plump up your skin and reduce pore size. You can do it often throughout the year. Take pictures once a week because the benefits may be gradual and looking at visual progress may help put your mind at ease. You can microneedle at home but purchase numbing cream because it is painful. Keep in mind that needles dull so be sure to replace your device when necessary. Some of the larger scars may become wider before they become smaller FYI.  

5. Apply Retin-A/tretinoin at night during or after you complete your microneedle treatments. Use hyaluronic acid as your moisturizer throughout the day to decrease dryness because that is a side effect of tretinoin.

6. Nonablative laser is also an option if you no longer wish to continue with microneedling. I do not recommend ablative laser for your type of scars because it may leave you with orange peel texture, which is what you are trying to improve on. I think you would benefit from 3 - 4 sessions. Laser costs around $1000 per session if done by a dermatologist or ps.

7. Dermasanding would be the most effective procedure for your type of scars, but it's expensive, downtime is long, and there aren't many doctors with a lot of experience in this procedure. If you go this route, you have to do a lot of research to make sure the doctor doesn't make things worse. This procedure would definitely eliminate your type of scarring especially if you are young.

8. Silicone sheets are also a good option for you, but they would take 6 - 12 months to see results on old scars. You apply them 8 - 24 hours a day. I recommend 24 hours a day but leave them on as long as you can. Be sure to sleep with them.

Your type of scars are definitely treatable. Good luck!





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