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Can taking Accutane make acne permanently worse?

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Hi All,


I have taken two 6-month courses of Accutane over the last 15 years.  Once in 2007 and again in 2014.  Both times I was prescribed a 80mg/day dose.  However the only effect I noticed was very dry and severely chapped lips.  And after the first 6-month course, it started getting worse and I got acne in places I never had it before.  That's why I was put on it again, but to no avail.  I am very overweight and I'm wondering if 80mg/day was a high enough dose.  The doctors said that 80mg/day was the highest dose they were comfortable in prescribing me, even though my weight was well over 100kg.  Could I just be have acne that Accutane-resistant, or did the dermatologist not put me on a high enough dose?  Any helpful feedback is greatly appreciated.



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I wouldnt suggest going on doses higher than that.  80mg is very high, and even might be having a counter-effect (causing more acne).

If you have very dry and chapped lips it is definitely a dose your body is feeling and is having an effect on your body.


It can be your acne dont respond well to accutane or that you have hormonal issues that cause the overweight also.

I'm not a doctor but I would personally go with an antibiotic (amoxicillin+clavunate, minocycline, doxycycline - the latter two require you to be clear of accutane at least 2 weeks) and then with much lower dose accutane, like 10-20mg/day. 


(P.S. try to reduce your weight, eating 0 added sugar foods, and healthy food like chicken, rice, vegetables... occupy yourself with something so you forget to eat.)

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