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Hi. I'm 16 years old and I'm struggling with acne. It's mild but it is really persistent and it makes me feel like sh*t. My uncle told me that he knew a guy who was 17 years old (15 years ago) and he was struggling with acne (it was like mild/moderate) and then his mother brought him to an Italian dermatologist and he prescribed him some drugs. He was taking them for just like 2 two 3 weeks (very short period). And after like 1 week something brownish was going out of his nails ( they knew it was gonna happen). And after that treatment/therapy was finished (as I said before, it was just 2-3 weeks). His face was completely clean and he never got a single pimple again. There were no marks / hyperpigmentation / scars. It was completely clean. I want to know what is that drug. The only thing I know is that he bought it in Italy and it was expensive drug at the time (15 years ago cca.) 


EDIT : I forgot to mention that I've been using Effaclar Duo (+) and Benzoyl Peroxide for one year and it has helped me a lot. I had way more pimples before that. A dermatologist with 40 years experience told me to use that. And few days ago I started using Avene comedomed (dermatologist told me that). But the acne keeps breaking out which really stresses me out..... I can't handle it. I want to find what is the name of the drug that I described above. 

Btw should I ask my dermatologist to put me on Accutane (Isotretinoin). I saw that it is really effective even on low doses such as 10-20mg for mild acne. 

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I forgot to mention a bunch of important stuff
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1 hour ago, Snow882 said:

Btw should I ask my dermatologist to put me on Accutane (Isotretinoin). I saw that it is really effective even on low doses such as 10-20mg for mild acne. 


Pretty sure that's the drug your uncle's friend took, but it should take longer than 2-3 weeks to see an improvement in acne. I also took 30 mg/daily for 6 months and after an year I'm still living with terrible side effects such as dry lips, angular chelitis and blurry vision. And was also left with acne scars because of the purging.

It's up to you entirely but that drug should only be prescribed in extreme cases, I had the exact mild acne you have where one or two pimples would pop at times and I wasn't informed of the high risks and now I regret taking it myself.

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