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Why the mixed opinions from our resident experts on benefits of at-home microneedling?

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I swear I'm not trying to stir the pot -- just genuinely curious. I made a post recently where resident expert @Sirius Lee (whom I respect very much for his inputs here) said dermastamping would not do anything for my superficial scars other than create micro-tears. However, I commonly see @beautifulambition (another of our experts whom I am truly grateful for) endorsing the Derminator 2 for at-home machine dermastamping. Disclaimer: I'm not saying they do or do not endorse dermastamping in all instances...I just notice BA suggesting the Derminator quite a bit, and SL looks to me to have a low view of dermastamping. 

I'm just curious what is the reason for the big disparity in opinion. Is it a particular study (or studies)? Seeing others' experiences? A disagreement about how dermastamping should theoretically work? Different levels of optimism about what it can do for scar sufferers? 

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Well from my experience I can say, don’t trust BA, he changes  his opinion many times and often behaves like a little aggressive child he claims that everyone has mental health issues, but I think he has them as well. He did make money from deperate people, let’s be real. And he’s working together with Lim or he is Lim. Last time I criticized BA via email and a few days later Lim mailed me. When I asked how he found my email adress he talked so much BS, because he knew that I knew that he wrote because of BA, he was the only one that had my mail Adress because I created my email  adress only for acne scar concerns and I only mailed BA. 

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First, in the interest of full disclosure, I'm not an "expert". I'm only sharing what little I know with others so that, well, they don't get fleeced by these unscrupulous doctors (and there are plenty).

That being said, I don't claim that non-energy microneedling like Derminator does not work. It does work, but to such a negligible extent that it's pretty useless for those with scars. Even though we know the cutaneous wound from needle puncture triggers a cascade of growth factors, it's a painfully slow process and it would take forever to see any improvement. Frankly, I've never seen anyone with moderate to severe scar benefit from Derminator alone.

On the other hand, Derminator should work for those with lax skin and wrinkles. This is where collagen induction is best know for. Unfortunately not so for scars.

Anyway, I'm not against Derminator per se. If you want to use it, that's okay with me. But it would be wise for you to leave your options open for more effective remedies or, at the very least, use it in tandem with other treatments.

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My derm office has micro-needling + PRP treatment. When I ask him should I include that treatment into my treatment plan for acne scar, he has told me to save the money and don't think about it...

May be my scar is so bad that micro-needling won't have any effect - -!

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Im pretty sure BA's opinion was it is better than nothing and you can do it at home but if you are expecting significant results you will be disappointed.

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Everybody can have their own opinion, but BA gives medical advice and charge people for it and doesn’t reveal his identity, he also could also be a pigfarmer. On top of that he gives everybody the same treatment plan 6-8 sub etc. He works with Lim together and Lim Is on this broad tryin to trace my ip Adress to find out who I am. He criticizes doctors that he recommend except of Lim in dms, I can’t trust such a person. 


But I think dermapen can help but  I don’t think that  you will get huge results with it.

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