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This is real good for my moisturizer since when I used any other moisturizer it would feel like I had a bunch of slimmy stuff all over my body eusa_wall.gif and when I was in a hurry I would have to wait for that crap to dry, with this aloe vera gel its quickly absorbed into the skin and it doesnt feel all slimmy like others..

Sorry for mis-spelling I don't give a fck tongue.gif

Oh and also my regimen seems to be working quiet well I am very happy with my results its been about a week, still making modifications to it as the baking soda isnt somthing I feel I need to use every day so instead I switched to the St.Ives medicated for acne prone skin.. And the lemon/water thing makes ya piiss like a race horse holding it for 12 hours a day eusa_wall.gif and the vinager shit stinks but I think it might be doing damn good for my skin.

Today I woke up jumped to the mirror and looked for about 30seconds and smiled biggrin.gif . o O ( This shit is working) bout time... Got a comment to on my face lastnight wink.gif ( It's not so red anymore wtf you using) well, give me 5 dollas and I'll tell you.. hahahaha

But for you all its listed below, picked up bits and peices from alot of topics tried them and bam, so we will see what the outcome is... Merry Christmas.

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Oh and Neosporin is a must at night I apply this with a cotton ball so its not so much also I apply my BP with a cotton ball too.. Works really well. biggrin.gif

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Yes it is the best stuff!

I recently was given an aloe Vera plant leaf.

Its huge and should last for a very long time.

Any how, I used the aloe from the plant last night its very sticky and Goghy and once its on and starts to dry it totally stretches out your skin and you can tell its doing something good.

This morning I woke up and I see nice noticeable results and it was my first time.

I did a nice little regimen with it that worked really well.

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Day 10 I think? lol its been more than a week.. And I am very pleased with my results so far so good. I have never seen my white skin before lmfao It's usually red? Neosporin is still a must and the BP isn't needed but if you want to fade faster then its your choise.

I did notice 1 tiny white head by my bottom lip, but after washing it was gone redness gone and skin so silk and smooth from the St.Ives, Neosporin and Aloe Vera.. I'll keep updating maybe I should take some before and after pictures.. I can't right now because its all medicated at the moment but I will in the morning maybe or the day after Christmas

I'll keep you all posted biggrin.gif

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