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Well after thinking about how so many companies put substances in their products too keep you buying them Ex)nicotine in ciggarretes...Sugar in foods...so you like their product and keep buying it...ever wondered if acne products put certain things in there product to maintain some acne on your face..i say this because i had struggled with acne products for 3 years and i finally just went off everthing to just hot water and my face is better than ever...cause i mean if their product really works than theyre losing money as theyre losing consumers caus they no longer need help with acne.....juuuust a thought lets hear your opinions

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uhm, maybe for some products but not all.

Since infact I have used products that have cleared my acne but usally came back. Since it is a bacteria it can get immuned to antibiotics and products as such, so if your going to kill acne you have to hit it hard and hit it good and knock it out..

Thats what DAN found out wink.gif sorry for mis-spelling alot of words but I don't really care at this moment tongue.gif peace.

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I share your thoughts when it comes to many products (ever heard of planned obsolescence?), but I don't think it's true when it comes to acne products. There really is no cure for acne -- unless there is one and nobody's telling us -- so, if something worked, your acne would re-appear once you stopped using it. Therefore, it truly is in a company's best interest to sell a product that works. I'm more cynical about dermatologists. In my experience, OTC products have worked much better than any script I've ever had, but I've never had a derm recommend an OTC product instead of a prescription.

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