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Flesh colored bumps

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So I have this lovely cluster of white bumps, blackheads and zits thanks to wearing a mask. I’ve tried many things to get rid of those flesh colored bumps. BP, SA, AHAS and nothing has worked. I’m not sure what they are. Can someone help me!


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If anti-bacterial treatments aren't working, it might be caused by fungus or demodex.   Microscopic demodex skin mites can cause blackheads and pustules from die offs as well as papules (skin colored bumps).  Fungal acne doesn't usually look like this.  

You can get a bottle of Hypochlorous Acid Face Spray to spray  face and mask with it multiple times daily.  HOCL is anti-microbial, highly effective and not at all harmful.   HOCL is a weak acid, same as made by the human body to fight microbes.  HOCL is very safe, non-irritating and non-allergenic.   HOCL kills off the bad bacteria but lets the "good" bacteria" survive.   HOCL can kill COVID and Norovirus in 30 seconds.  They disinfect hospital ICUs, medical and dental offices with HOCL  Amazon sells a lot of different brands of HOCL face sprays.  BrioTech Labs makes one for just $11.95 per 4 ounces.  There are other brands as well.

A knowledgeable dermatologist should be able to test and determine the exact cause.

If its demodex, a prescription for topical Soolantra (1% Ivermectin) Cream could help.  Takes about 16 weeks using nightly for clearance.   Soolantra is pricey especially without insurance - $500-$600 per tube USD retail without insurance.  Many people use the Ivermectin Horse Paste (1.87% Ivermectin) available on Amazon for about $5-$7 per tube.

Here's several over the counter things that might help.  Tea tree oil is anti-microbial and effective against bacteria, fungus and both the adult and the juvenile form of demodex skin mites.   Hypochlorous (HOCL) acid face spray (0.01% to 0.02%) is also anti-microbial.  HOCL is the same substance human white cells generate to kill off invaders.  HOCL is very safe, non-irritating, non-allergenic.   HOCL kills off the bad bacteria but lets the "good" bacteria" survive.   HOCL can kill COVID and Norovirus in 30 seconds.

1.  Tea tree oil face wash at least twice daily.   There are a number of good ones available at Amazon:  The Body Shop makes several Tea Tree Oil facial cleansers.  Desert Essence Original Face Wash is another.

2.  Hypochlorous Acid Face Spray - Spray on clean face at least twice daily.  You can massage it in with clean fingers to ensure coverage.  You can also use HOCL during the day without washing first.   HOCL slower on demodex since it kills off the juvenile demodex only.  Killing the juveniles before they start laying eggs which reduces the population in the long run.   HOCL is an excellent long term maintenance option for skin.   HOCL spray can also be used to sanitize your mask multiple times daily if needed.

3.   Cliradex Wipes - Pricey but can be effective.  Contains the tea tree oil extract that kills demodex.  Use on clean face in morning and at night.

4.  Tea tree oil ointment - Desert Essence (available on Amazon).  This is anti-microbial 5% Tea Tree oil ointment.  Use at night on clean face before bed.  

5.   Boric Acid Powder Face Mask - Boric Acid is anti-microbial and kills demodex.   Mix 1/2 tsp of boric acid powder with a few drops of glycerin to make a thin mask.  Apply to skin until dry.   Boric Acid Powder is available on Amazon.  Here's a YouTube showing how to make this:






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1 hour ago, Nails said:

Thanks so much Elaine! So you think it may be fungus related?

That is another possibility.  Aussie Scientist has a lot of knowledge about fungal acne posted on Acne.org in the forums.  Fungal acne tends to have flesh colored bumps of similar size and whiteheads.   You can google for pictures with "What does fungal acne look like?".  Google will bring up a lot of pictures.

Tea tree oil and HOCL are also effective against fungus.  Aussie Scientists recommends some treatment specifically for fungus.

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