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Is this texture, rolling scars or hyperpigmentation? With pics

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I have no idea if this is texture, hyperpigmentation or some type of rolling/ boxcar scar. I just want some advice on what to do? I really hope they aren't scars because I dont have that type of money to fix them. As you can see tho, they  look indented but then they dont, its really weird. 




Different lighting: 







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I think those are scars but extremely superficial ones. From what I see, it's a mixture of very shallow boxcars and redness, the latter of which can make you think you have more scars.

From all the pictures I've seen on this site, you have the mildest case. I'm pretty certain 99% of the people here, including myself, would trade places with you.

I wouldn't do anything drastic at all - maybe peels and then call it a day. I would suggest microneedling but not aggressively. Don't spend hundreds of dollars going to an office if you can do it yourself. The improvement (if you get any at all) will be very modest so don't expect a miracle. Some people have said microneedling works but the results are never impressive. BA here has said that you should alternate between peels and microneedling. It's not expensive (if you have your own microneedling unit) but it does take time.

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