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5 hours ago, spleenmatter said:

I hope to get subcision and rf microneedling to minimize these atrophic scars (they're all tethered as you can see the "depressions" made during animation or smiling). Does anyone have an idea/estimate on how much improvement can be seen or what the improvements would look like? Is subcision + Genius the most effective treatment or is there a better one? Thanks.

Just because there's an indent, it doesn't always mean the scar is tethered. It's hard to tell whether the scar is tethered or not without actually feeling the scar. I would suggest you get at least 1 subcision if for no other reason than to see if there's any tethering. But I wouldn't count on it too much.

You show a sign of fat loss and no treatment like Genius will be able to help your body make enough collagen to fill the craters. It's simply impossible. Hence, forget Genius. You'll only be wasting money. 

You basically need artificial fillers, be it temporary or permanent fillers. But before you do that, make sure to soften any hard edges around the scar. Otherwise, fillers will only make your face look lumpy. This can be achieved with TCA.

So, in summary, get subcision and apply TCA to any scars that show jagged edges. Once the edges are relatively smooth, then get dermal filler to elevate the indent.

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