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Acne Scar Questions

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Got some new scars where my hyperpigmentation. I was wondering what type of scars these are and what the best type of treatment for these scars are? I just started accutane a week ago, is there any scar treatment I can do while on it or will I  have to wait until I am off it to get treatment that will provide any results? Also, is there a way to prevent scarring? I have been scarring very easily recently, even black heads and white heads seem to leave little holes now, very annoying.

Real post, very ranty ( you can skip to photos):

I have some new scars on my face under 3 months old where my hyperpigmentation is, rest are years old. They do not seem that noticeable, however in certain lighting it can be very noticeable to me and although they are probably very mild to most people here they really are making me depressed. In some photos I take you can't even see them, in others they can be noticeable. They are definitely noticeable in certain lightings in the mirror. It sucks to go from 3-4 scars on one cheek to to 10+ in 3 months! How severe are these scars actually? Am I just being super critical? What picture is more accurate to what people actually see? Also what type of scars are these? Is there any treatment to do to help heal these scars while they're new? Considering they aren't that deep, can I expect these scars to be improved to the point they almost don't exist at all in any lighting?




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Unfortunately while on Accutane there isn't much you can do. That being said getting on accutane and controlling your active acne is the best first step to minimizing scaring. The best thing you can do now is avoid picking or further damaging your skin.  You may want to ask your dermatologist before you do this but I also feel controlling inflammation of active acne through ice or prednisone can help. 

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