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Is this PIE or a boxcar? (with pics)

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Timeline of pics is below, I know some of these pictures are rough, I was crying in a lot of them. anyways - I had a pimple on my cheek that I first used hydrocolloid bandages on. It started out as a red area of skin, kinda painful I guess and progressed into a small red bump. At the time I had no skincare routine whatsoever so all I did was slap hydrocolloid bandages on it - it went down in size and turned skin colored within a couple of days. I left it like that for 3 weeks, and I couldn't take it anymore so I tried to spot treat with salicylic acid. I lost my patience unfortunately and popped it. Its been about a week since I popped it (I've been using hydrocolloid bandages sometimes over it to promote healing.) I'm not a skin picker, but, I do have body dysmorphia and I have a horrible fear of scars. I dont get 'acne' as much but I do sometimes get random spots as one does. They usually go away on their own, however this one was on my skin for what I deemed way too long. Now, whenever I take a picture of myself in certain lighting it looks like a hole, but in real life it looks flat... so I've been crying on and off trying to figure out what the hell is up because I cant decipher it at all. Do scars take time to form, thats another question I have I guess.  Pics below, starting from when it was a pimple to now. 

What it looked like when it was a pimple


After popping: 


What it looks like yesterday/today (week from popping, yes I have makeup on but I dont have makeup on my cheeks): 


As you can see, it literally does and doesnt exist at the same time (I dont know how else to put it, but in certain lighting it looks like a boxcar or icepick) but  other times in natural lighting or flash it just looks like regular skin. Is my camera just fucking with me? Heres what it looks like under other lighting as well with different angles. 


Was too lazy to crop these ones, but under both bright and natural light: F005FEFC-0102-46D9-8252-34245C7B8C16.jpeg.48ba20c17a4339f1d21ac9e4873da2de.jpeg




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