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Do I have fungal acne?

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I’ve been on Minocycline acne medication for over 6 months. I am stopping it because my skin is getting worse. I also am on differin gel and use that every other day. My skin is not getting better. Sometimes when a pimple appears it does itch. And I also have a dry scalp. I am thinking about using Nitzeral shampoo on forehead. Does this seem to be fungal acne? 



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Listen bro im about to bless you with the answers that took me years to find out on my own. You most likely do not have fungal acne I thought the same thing once tho. It most likely is demodex mites. They are very common but affect some people like me and you with what your acne looks like. Go to the clinic. Tell them you have them and need to be treated with ivermectin once a week for 4 weeks. Wash all cloths and bedding on day you take medicine in hottest water and hottest dry setting. If you can also throw away bed and sleep on air mattress until completely clear then buy new mattress. (p.s. they are extremely hard to keep away I have gotten rid of them before and made the mistake of sleeping in an old bed 2 weeks later and getting them again.) Take the eradication process seriously and once cured spread the info online for people because I have not seen this anywhere online which is bs because for how common I read it is and I had to deal with this since I was 16 before I solved it myself at 27. whatever tho. 1ove.

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