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Mentally affected by acne

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Hello guys, actually I'm new here

I just wanted to share this wid u guys

I have been suffering from acne since 5 years 

And I am still suffering from acne

Everyday I see my face in the mirror I feel disgusting 

Everyday I cry looking at my face

I feel demotivated disappointed that why me

Because of my skin condition I cannot even face anyone or even go outside

I fear that someone will judge me for the way I am looking 

Everyday I am focusing more on my acne and skin since I am home

It's like I'm obsessed wid mirrors (I am trying not to look at my face again and again) 

I feel anxious what if i get more acne 

Why doesn't acne just go away from my life

I am always negative about everything 

Like what if it doesn't heal

I don't have patience as well

And acne isn't just going to go

Right away


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I'm so sorry you're struggling like this, but I know how you feel. 

For me, the acne.org regimen actually worked. It took several months before I saw progress, but I stuck with it, and I've been using it for around a decade now. Prior to that I had severe cystic acne for many years and had tried so many different things.

I have to use AHA every night (mostly in place of lotion) to get the best results. I think the issue for me is that my dead skin cells turn over faster than my skin can shed them, so my pores clog easily. At night I was my face, exfoliate with a muslin face cloth, then use the acne.org BP, then I use the lotion in sensitive areas (like around area my eyes), and I use the AHA everywhere else (mostly chin and cheeks). 

TreeActiv cystic acne spot treatment was also a good product for me. Using it at night helped reduce acne in size, and resolved it more quickly. 

Diet has also helped me. I don't eat wheat/gluten, and I eat limited diary, sugar and alcohol. I try to drink lots of water as well.

I have a digestive issue (SIBO), so I follow the "low fodmap" diet for that. I'm not sure how much my SIBO contributes to my acne. I don't think it helps, but I'm not sure how much low fodmap helps my acne. But mentioning just in case. 

I know it's hard not to stress and obsess, but remember that stressing doesn't help you. I recommend you get started on a plan for your acne (for example, the acne.org plan or some other plan) and once you're on the plan, remind yourself that you're working on it so you don't need to spend more time thinking about it.

When I was really struggling and depressed due to my acne I used guided meditation podcasts to keep my mind off it and relax. Keeping your mind on other things can be helpful. These forums can be great, but it can also keep you focused on your source of stress. Give yourself a break and remember to give yourself some love too. You'll get through this and be stronger and healthier for it. Good luck!!


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I've dealt with acne for more than 20 years and have felt just like you. But I've learned stressing so much just exacerbates it and people actually could care less about it. It took me a very long time to figure out my acne was mostly hormonal (I'm one of those lucky girls) and a hormonal imbalance can make it seem hopeless but really you just need to figure out what causing such an imbalance. If you are young then it would be plain old hormones. Also not eating sugar help a lot. Only drink water. I recently discovered hibiscus tea. But stress and obsessing will make it worse on your skin and your mental health. I am really careful what I put on my face. Look what up what products you use on cosdna and see if any of those cause acne. I've tried everything just end up using clean and clear's triple treat cleanser, their dual action moisturizer and pixi glow tonic toner, which I was so impressed with I bought their glow overnight serum today. But really, people aren't judging you. And if they did, they're shallow and not worth being around. It will get better.

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On 12/11/2020 at 11:09 PM, SpaceCat said:

people actually could care less about it

I don't really see the point in pretending that no one will judge you because of your acne. It does happen and lying about it doesn't really help anyone. Friends and family used to lie to me when I had severe acne and I just stopped trusting them. If they had been honest I would have trusted them for longer and maybe worked through my issues with them.



But really, people aren't judging you. And if they did, they're shallow and not worth being around.

This sort of highlights the cognitive dissonance at play here. Both of these statements can't be true. Either people aren't judging you full stop, or some people are judging you - it can't be both. 

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