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I'm off Spironolactone!!

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Hi everyone, 

I started a post back in 2017 about weaning off spironolactone and Diane-35 since my husband and I were considering TTC. It didn't go so hot at the time and I ended up back on my full dose of Spiro after a few months.

I'm so pleased to say that I attempted it a second time and have now been off Spiro completely for 3 months!! I'll give some details about what I did but I'll preface it by saying I took my sweet time (almost a year and a half) and my skin is completely fine. It was pretty much fine the entire time, with a few small breakouts here and there. So it IS possible! And taking the time will potentially make it easier.

Some quick backstory. I've been on Diane-35 (and still am) for maybe 18 years and I was on Spiro (100 mg/day) for about 8 years before weaning. The first time I attempted to go off it (dropping my dose to 75 mg), I started breaking out at about week 4 (not terrible, but bad for what I was used to). I went to a naturopath who put me on a bunch of supplements and I changed my diet. Long story short, I went back on my full dose and said f*ck it for a while.

In early 2019, I decided to start the process again, sans supplements (I didn't want to later have to wean off supplements). Here's what I did for my dose. My naturopath had given me the idea to wean in this way, although she thought 1 month at each new dose would be fine. I spent 2 months at each of:

- 100 mg every second day

- 75 mg every day

- 75 mg every second day

- 50 mg every day

- 50 mg every second day

- 25 mg every day

- 25 mg every second day

- 12.5 mg every day (for maybe just a month), then I tried every second day for a few weeks before dropping to 12.5 mg every 5 days! I really dragged this out!

Other things that I think helped. No diary except for butter (occasionally) when cooking and goat cheese. I also avoided eggs for about a year but seem to be able to eat them with no effect on my skin. I drink a cup of spearmint tea a day and plenty of water. I eat very healthy 80% of the time and exercise regularly. For supplements, I take a multivitamin and probiotic when I remember, which is rarely. Otherwise, I took nothing to help mimic the effects of Spiro. 

In terms of skincare, I've always used high quality stuff - Skinceuticals, Vivier, ZO. Skinceuticals "Physical Fusion" SPF (my holy grail!!!) acts as my "make-up" and I only put actual make-up (Jane Iredale pressed powder) on when I go out for dinner or something. Double cleansing has also been something I've adopted in the past 2 years and I highly recommend it. I really do think it helps get your skin super clean (after the second cleanse with a face wash, of course) and clear.

Each time I changed my dose, I noticed a slight breakout a few weeks into it. Of course, I had many catastrophic thoughts during these breakouts, assuming all hell was going to break loose, but it didn't and I'm glad I stuck with it. 

Here's an awkward selfie from the other day so you can see that my skin is pretty darn clear. 

Next up, in January, I'm going to start weaning off Diane-35. My husband and I are pretty certain we are happy with fur babies but just in case. As well, I'm eager to get off the pill after all these years. My plan is to cut my pill and gradually wean. I'll keep you posted. If you have any questions about what I did to get off Spiro, feel free to reach out :) 


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