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The scars are destroying me

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 In the last few years I ended up taking a medication that caused extreme acne, after getting off of it my acne stayed. It destroyed my confidence and ability to feel good about myself. I couldn’t look in the mirror. Now that years have passed my acne has begun to scar substantially, every time I get a pimple a new scar is formed. My dermatologist is useless and keeps prescribing different types of retinoids that only make my skin worst and I have never had acne growing up so I have no idea how to manage my skin or what products work best. I’ve researched a lot and nothing seems to work.

Anyways this is about the scars...my face is now covered in scars. I spend hours looking into the mirror and hating myself, I’ve become obsessed with how much I hate them. I feel unattractive and unconfident. I try to tell myself “you are not perfect but you are still ok!” But I end up breaking down in tears trying to accept this sudden change and the fact that medication caused this. I tell myself that it is ok to have flaws and yet I can’t accept them, I feel absolutely destroyed. I can’t afford to have the scars removed and makeup does little to cover them.

So I suppose what I’m asking is does anyone else feel similar? And what have you don’t to overcome it and live your life because it’s destroying mine. I’ve been searching for support but all I can find are ways to eliminate scars as opposed to how to LIVE with them. Any support would be great because everyone around me has great healthy skin, and their acne never scarred so I constantly feel alone and ugly.


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I feel exactly the same.. Im hating my self every singleday i dont like the way i look after getting acne scars.. I avoid going out with my fiance during day because the day light shows all my imperfections and acne scars not like indoor lights.. Im very depressed i hate it so much so i feel you from the bottom of my heart.. I am looking for  types e of treatments that can help with my acne  scars and i have been told that microneedling and subscion might help so i geuss I will be trying them and hopefully it will atleast decrease my scars.. Because i know the only way that i will feel better about myself is by treating those scars.. I HOPE you find the support you need

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I'm so sorry you are going through this... I know that you're wanting support on how to live with the scars, rather than treat them. Perhaps, as you are feeling very alone in this matter, it might be helpful to see a mental health professional. Support on here is great, but a therapist might be able to help you even more with thoughts and behaviours that feed into how your feeling. 

And *if* you're open to treating the scars, consider microneedling. A few of my friends with "ice-pick" scars from past acne (which looks like what you're struggling with) had great results with a few microneedling sessions. Keep in mind that there are various microneedling technologies out there (e.g., some that are just mechanical, some with radiofrequency, option to add platelet-rich plasmaetc.). So if it sounds like something you might be interested in, I'd do a bit of research on the different types and then look for a provider in your area. It won't be inexpensive though... perhaps there's a family member who could help you out with the cost? Good luck!

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I have scars too and I know how much it sucks. You are very pretty and no scar is going to change that. But I know how you feel. I have several I have almost got rid of with retin-a. Worked almost like a peel. They're a lot less deep. I used to do dermarolling and it helped but it's too much of a pain in the butt. It helps to use things that speed up skin turnover like enzyme peels or acids like glycolic acid. There's also skin plumping products that make them less visible like hyaluronic acid. I don't put foundation on them but use a bluring primer with a bit of powder. Benefit porefessional is amazing. Skin is really just a small part of who you really are and as someone who has dealt with scars for a very long time, I can tell you people aren't thinking all the things you think they must be thinking. Nobody is going to look and think it's ugly. People will notice insecurity more than the thing that's making you insecure. Nobody is perfect.

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I think most of us on this forum can empathize with you. We all suffer from scars to a varying degree and they affect us differently. My scars may not be visually as severe as other people but I've broken down emotionally many times.

Luckily, there are treatments out there that can improve scars. In addition, you have knowledge shared by members of this forum which really help as well. There are no guarantees with anything and they cost money, but some people see their scars improving through different methods. 

TCA/Phenol CROSS is one thing to consider for the deeper and narrow scars. Microneedling (including radiofrequency) can help but it's not a slam dunk. Lasers, which should be the last step, has the potential to smooth out scars. 

There are numerous posts on this forum that cover all of these treatments. Feel free to post if you have questions and hopefully members here will reply with good information. We're not doctors but many of us are sharing our own personal experiences which could help you. Speak with a doctor and compare information against each other.

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Your scars are not bad at all though, i would considered this "mild". People surely notice, but it isn't anything a potential partner would care about.

You have to realise that life isn't only about your looks... There is so much to enjoy, like music, food, reading, movies etc.

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You are not alone...

 First of all, I sincerlely think your skin looks good. 

But anyway, what matters is what you are going through mentally...WE may feel the same way. (I cant believe how many scars are on my face, I'm a very rare case)

I honnestly can't take it, so Il need to find a solution. I m so streesed out, seeing all my goals vanish, seing i m not who i should be.

People think they know me, but they only know my depressed version, thats what is terrible. 

I really feel like when you deal , you can't relate with anybody


Sorry for that, but thats how i feel...i have no expectations I feel like I m not living my life, and i m not really in my body.


It's more like I m in auto pilot, but I feel totally empty.

But your skin really looks alright...

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