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Moderate ice pick and boxcar scars

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I have some moderate to mild ice pick scars and two larger boxcar scars.  I am very fortunate to have an aunt who is a derm, but she is by no means an acne scar specialist.  I had sub on the boxcars and another area (by her Rec) and saw little improvement, if any (she did say that the boxcars didn’t appear to be tethered and that it probably wouldn’t help but she did it anyway because she said subcision is a very low risk procedure).  Anyway, she wants to excise the two boxcars and laser over them.  Has anyone had larger scars excised?  I’m worried that the resulting scar will look worse than the original, so I’m very hesitant.  She said if I didn’t want to do excision, then I could wait until she gets her new rf micro needling device (demoing various ones and going for the best one).  I had a consult with Dr. Hazany but cancelled the appt I had scheduled because she said she wasn’t comfortable with the procedures he wanted to perform (phenol cross).  Will rf microneedling give me results?  Or will they be insignificant?  Should I just go straight for more aggressive treatments?  I will go to Hazany if his stitch work will be significantly better (since he’s a MOHS surgeon) but $4300 for punch excision, phenol cross, cyst excision, and sub seems insanely expensive. (The cost is actually $4050 bc he counts the $250 for his FaceTime consult towards treatments).  Has anyone actually been to Dr. Hazany and seen results?  I don’t see anybody talk about him here so maybe it would be better to go to someone like Dr. Rullan or Dr. Weiner?  I appreciate all input!

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