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Doubling up on topical antibiotics

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Hey all,

Thanks for your help and advice over the past few months. Now I have one (hopefully final!) question.

I'm into my second month of Yasmin, and aside from the red blotches, my skin has almost totally cleared from my awful reaction to OTC-Lo (worst birth control pill ever). However, I just had *one* cyst left on my cheek below one deeply clogged pore - which I made the mistake of squeezing.

Now I've got a weird, painful red lump below where I squeezed, which is threatening to merge with the last cyst and create one enormous Transformer cyst.

I've been using Clindamycin, but last night I kinda freaked and put a dose of bactroban on it as well.

Is this a terribly bad idea to double up on a topical antibiotic? Anyone else do this?

I've also been on one week's worth of Biaxin (for bronchitis), and I was hoping that might get rid of the last of this nightmare once and for all!


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Since I've had the transformer cysts (as you refer to them and really made me laugh), I know what you're looking at. Doctors often prescribe more than one topical antibiotic so I really don't see how using both would do any damage. If worse comes to worse, you can always call your doctor for a shot of cortisone. It should go down after that within two to three days.

P.S. I am on Yasim for almost two months as well. It does rock!

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i'm on the same clinda stuff as you, and it says on the bottle not to put it on more than once at a time, but i never got why...

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