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Suctioning after subcision

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I am looking for a detailed guide / step-by-step on how to optimally suction post subcision. I have my first subcision scheduled for next month and the doctor will be subcising my cheecks and temples while also injecting saline.

How many passes with the device, for how long, how many times a day, how soon after the actual subcision can I start suctioning, etc.

Also if anyone can provide a link to a good cupping set, I'd appreciate it.



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There isn't one - no one has measured which suction techniques are optimal.

There is a publication that goes over what they did for suctioning: http://c60antiaging.com/pdf/therapy-in-treatment-of-atrophic-acne-scars.pdf

Personally used a standard cupping set off amazon, did it 2 - 7 times a day, less in the beginning and more later. Did it by feel as to when to start suctioning (bruising needs to be down enough to start), usually 2 - 4 days for cannular. Multiple passes based on gut feel; I went rather hard to maintain the bruising. I really don't think it's an exact science; the goal is to prolong bruising. If you're already bruised, there really isn't much point suctioning.

For the cupping set, search "cupping set" on amazon and pick the ones with the hand pump and good reviews.

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Should I still suction if I am getting injected with saline during the subcision? I know if you get fillers there's no reason to since they both accomplish the same goal, but with saline being temporary and more easily absorbed by the body, should I even bother?

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