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"Distensible" scars

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Is it true that "distensible" scars ( scars that improve or disappear by stretching them) are not treatable by subcision, and that only non-distensible scars can benefit from subcision? If the scars are distensible are they easier to treat? 

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scars that improve by stretch have atrophy, a fancy word for loss of volume in your skin. Inflammation has destroyed volume that was there before. This means you must refill that volume using your own immune system's production or via a filler. Filler such as sculptra can do a great job of this and gets fast results.

That being said, subcision will also stimulate immune system production of volume, and even if your scar improves by stretch there is most likely still fibrosis there as well. The majority of scars have fibrosis which pulls them downward and makes it look like there is more volume loss than there is. Subcision cuts the fibrosis and will improve the scar through this and immune system production, hence we start with subcision. If you have anything besides ice pick scars start with at least one subcision. 


Easier to treat wellll we dont know, this is heavily dependent on so many variables and without knowing whats going on under the skin nothing can be really be judged

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