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DIM & spearmint tea

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So excuse my English i’m from Europe but i want to share my story.  i was on birthcontrol since i was 15. When i got 18 i suddenly developed very bad acne. I did not know where it came from so i decided to quit with birthcontrol. My acne cleared up so fast and i was so happy. I thought that i defeated the acne problem and that i could continue with beautiful skin. Well i was wrong!! 6 months after quitting birthcontrol i got the acne back. And this time it was worse, i was so sad and i tried almost every supplement there was. I knew it came from the inside and that it was hormonal. 

So i tried DIM and after two weeks i saw a small improvement, but i still got breakouts. After a month my skin was again a little better but i still got breakouts and i had a lot of texture. I continued taking the pills but things stayed a little the same, so i decided that i wanted to combine it with spearmint tea. And oh boy, i’m so glad i did. I’m now drinking two cups of spearmint tea and i am taking 250 mg of dim daily and it helped my skin so much!! I’m now drinking spearmint tea for a little longer than two weeks and my skin is so much better. My skin is not perfect yet, but i have been taking DIM for two months and spearmint tea for a little longer than two weeks. I really hope that my skin will clear up completely but I finally have hope again! 

I do have a lot of scars left but that will be allright! Just give dim time to work and combine it with spearmint tea. That way you don’t have to worry that your estrogen is dropping to low, because spearmint tea raises estrogen. So basically your estrogen will stay good. I tried a lot of other suppelements like b5, saw palmetto, evening primrose oil, vitex etc. B5 and saw palmetto broke me out very badly. Evening primrose oil gave me panic attacks and vitex gave me depression. So dim and spearmint tea are the only ones that are good for me.

I know this is a very long review but i hope that i have helped some people with my experience, since i know how destroying acne can be for your mental health.

I will show you before and after pictures.




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