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Dry Winter Skin, Hormonal, help?

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Ive had terrible acne with very bad painful cysts ever since jr high. I used to do the acne.org regime a very long ago (8 years) while a senior in high school and through college. It worked good when I actually followed the regime if I can remember correctly...then while pregnant 4 years ago, my skin was perfect. No blemishes whatsoever. Also after giving birth I got an iud... still perfect skin with the iud but it was not for me, I have now had that out for over 2 years. When my skin was good while pregnant and the IUD, I stopped really doing anything with my skin and it was just clear without trying (no acne treatments, didnt need a regime. Etc. I just washed it whenever and put whatever products and cosmetics on my face with no consequences). The only reason I got the IUD out is because I gained over 40lbs on it or else I would have kept it to have clear skin year round. I'm 26 now and my skin is pretty good in summer and most of the year.....but goes completely crazy and breakouts out with 5+ new pimples every day when the cold dry weather hits where I live. I'm writing because I want to get on the regime again but I'm absolutely terrified of drying my skin out even more with the benzoyl peroxide since my skin is so dry and dehydrated already on top of the dry weather during winter. I just want my painful acne gone because I know my breakouts are caused by irritation and dryness from the winter already. My skin is near perfect in humid, warm, sunny weather! Help please!! I have tried everything the last 3 months since the cold started and everything I do seems to make it worse. Thank you

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