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Hey everyone,

During the past month I have had an outburst of red little spots on my chest, I am unsure why. I cannot tell whether it is acne or some sort of folliculitis and I need help. It is not itchy, it is just unpleasant to look at when I wear lower cut tops. I also shower every day so it is definitely not a hygiene problem. Recently this month i have had a lot more breakouts on my face hence why I thought it could be acne but in my opinion it appears to be more like folliculitis. If you guys could give me some tips how to get rid of it and tell me what you think it is , it would be very helpful. Thanks guys 



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Folliculitis can be caused by bacteria, fungus or an overpopulation of microscopic demodex skin mites.

Since this is on the body, the Borax - Epsom Salt bath soak might help.  Borax is anti-microbial and kills demodex, fungus and bacteria.  OB/GYN doctors have been prescribing it for over 30 years to treat stubborn yeast (candida fungus) infections.  It works.

For a standard 5 foot bath tub:

1. Fill tub with pleasantly warm water. If the water is too hot, you may pass out or get over heated. Its not the heat its the borax that will kill the mites, etc..

2. Add 1 cup of 20 Mule Team Borax (available at Kroger and most grocery stores in the laundry aisle for about $6).

3. Add 1 cup of Dr. Teal's Epsom Salts with Moisturizing Avocado Oil (about $5 at Kroger).  Equate Epsom Salts also work.  The moisturizing ingredient will make your skin moist but the borax is the most important.

4. Swirl the water in the tub and break up any lumps in the borax so that it dissolves.

5. Get in tub, use the water to shampoo your hair and scalp too. Borax is a good and simple DIY shampoo. It is also a good water softener.  The mites can also get in your hair so this can be a good idea.

6. Soak in tub for 30 minutes.

Shower afterwards and rinse and condition hair.   Prior to conditioning hair, you may want to rinse the hair with a dilute solution of Apple Cider Vinegar (1 part vinegar to 3 parts water) to rebalance the hair's PH before conditioning as usual.

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