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Best type of therapy to deal with scarring?

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Has anyone undergone any sort of therapy or mental exercises to help live life to its fullest while having acne scars? I’ve been an extreme perfectionist and secretly pretty insecure my whole life (almost 20 now.) If it wasn’t for my acne scars I’d be obsessed with something else. My two scar treatments so far have definitely helped however I am still always so conscious of certain lighting situations. I plan to continue to improve my scars, but surely I could improve on the mental aspect as well. 

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i think it depends on the scarring itself and how you view yourself.  honeslty, unless your a model who is used to people bending back over you and suddenly have acne scars, being average looking with now acne scars isnt going to change much.  you will still be the same as you hadn't relied on your looks before and just used your personality.  its still the same.  think of people like george lopez or the radio host on power 106.  they didnt let acne scars pull them down.  unless your trying to use or had used your looks to gain you advantages in the world, acne scars arent going to change much.  as much as people care about looks, personality still plays a large part in it too, trust me i would know.

i didnt give definite "mental exercises" but rather a different outlook to help you overcome your insecurity relating to acne scars: life is more than looks and many many people in this world have happy and successful lives without being "good looking" or "looking average".  the percentage of people who are even considerd good looking and i mean a 7 and up is so small.  so you dont have to worry so much about looks.  (though it is ok to get treatment and try to better yoruself both physically and mentally).

If you want advice, i guess something that i do is when i feel anxious in public or socially, i just take a deep breath silently and then do whatever i was going to do. if im nervous to talk to a girl or someone, i just speak before i get too nervous.  eventually you will not be thinking about your anxieties.  

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