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Guest pabloab85

Accutane and my hair

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Guest pabloab85

I've been on Accutane (50mg a day) for 3 months now .

From the beginning my hair has thinned noticably, and has become a little bit curly as well. I didn't worry at all, because my hair looked dryer and healthier as well.

The point is, for two weeks now, I find 5-7 hairs on my pillow every morning.

Although in the shower I don't lose any hairs at all.

-Should I worry about this?

-Will my hair go back to normal when I finish Accutane in 3 months?

-If it goes back to normal, will it be graisy again,or will it be dry and healthy(but thick)?

Thanks a lot

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Thinning is a side effect mentioned in the acctuane booklet. So do not worry.

All side effects from tane should disappear as promised by Roche smile.gif

There are some who say some side effects do not go away, while most say they do go away after stopping tane. Anyway that is a risk you and all others taners took when they started tane.

So, my suggestion is, try not to worry too much about the side effects of accutane, stick to the course till it completes. That is what I am doing...

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I lost more hair than usual during the first two weeks on Accutane but it evened out. When I stopped taking Accutane for two months, my hair went back to normal - - meaning it wasn't as thin. My hair is curly and women seem to think I'm fortunate but curly hair has less strength than straight hair.

Not to freak you out but I recently spoke with someone who was on Accutane and lost a significant amount of hair. She is currently on hormones to replinish her locks. I think this is a worse case scenerio so don't read into it too much.

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