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Here is a lowdown of what i've tried

March 2001 - Minocycline - Minor improvement, felt sick, bitter taste after 3 weeks of treatment so stopped

September 2001 - Zineryt (Eritromycin/Zinc) - Major Improvement after 3 weeks, 8 weeks later no spots at all on my face. Skin was 99.9% clear till September 2003 till my acne got really bad again when my acne became resistance to the anti-biotic

January 2004 - Dalacin T (Clindamycin) - Acne got worse, skin became really greasy.

February 2004 - Return to Zineryt - Acne went from Severe to Moderate/Severe (probably due to the fact the Zinc still helps slightly).

March 2004 - Dermalux Blue/Red Light Lamp - No Improvement what so ever

December 2004 - Lymecycline & Retin A 0.01% Gel - Tried Lymecycline for 2 days, same side-effects as Minocycline, so stopped it. 3 days of trying Retin-A and my skin is not dry at all, but still greasy. My skin is burning red now.

I've seriously had enough, i'm 23 and my skin is really cheesing me off. I'm suicidal now and again due to the acne. The doctor has strongly advised against Roaccutane due to depression running in my family, I wouldn't wanna take it anyway.

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i really wish i could give you a answer i no that is what we are all looking for,depression runs in my family to and i have had roaccutane,and i have never sufferd with it,of course we are all different.

i found when i just leave my face alone keep my washing routine simple is when my skin is at its best,i no its hard not to get stressed out about it as it effects the way you feel,but maybe speak to someone about how you are feeling,a close friend,a support network,do something you enjoy so to help you keep as positive as you can be.

when my acne was bad i didnt want to go out and i just cried,its fucking hard,i no.

but try to persevere with treatments,myabe try a natural approach ,as you seem to have tried medicine,have a allergy test,herbal medicine.

we are all different and its about finding what works for you.

good luck mate. please feel free to send me pm if you want.


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Thus far, it sounds as if you have been through an exhausting journey trying to cure your acne. Even though you are frightened by the side effects, it seems as if Accutane could be your only solution.

My aunt committed suicide. My mother, my grandmother and I were all hospitalized for suicide attempts and depression on more than one occasion. For me, personally, I've been there three times. Obviously, after reading all the information about Accutane, I was extremely scared to go on it. My life is going pretty well. I've been out of the hospital for two years now and didn't want to risk throwing it all away again. I'm on maintenance medication and it is working really well.

That being said, my acne brought me to the point where I was desperate. I finally decided to take the Accutane plunge and asked my doctor for a very low dose: 20 mg a day. The only point during my treatment when I felt extremely depressed was during the initial breakout period. I couldn't look at myself in the mirror without crying and I thought I was ugly and being punished (Catholic guilt) and on and on and on... But I remember parking my car in a graveyard and thinking these people lived it. They went through life and had worse things happen to them than acne. And if they did it, why couldn't I? I decided that I wasn't going to be taken down by such a stupid thing. I mean, I've lived through worse. I got angry and that motivated me more than anything else. That was the end of my two week depression on Accutane.

The decision to go on Accutane is a personal choice. You need to weigh the pros and cons. You need to let the people close to you know if you decide to go on Accutane and to advise them of the potential side effects. There will be moments during your treatment like my own where you feel terrible. Just remember that you will live through this and it will get better.

I wish you the best of luck. If you have any questions regarding any prescription medications that you are on, please ask your doctor or the people on this forum. Everyone here is so incredibly supportive.

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^Good post, Arpazia.

It is totally up to you, but I love accutane. I was so afraid to take it for years due to falling for all of the negative stuff I heard about the side effects. I finally reached my "acne rock-bottom" and I decided to go on it. It was the best thing I have ever done(so far.) I am on week five at a low dose, and I haven't had a pimple in 2 weeks. I also have had no oil in two weeks. It is amazing. A miracle drug, if you will. I am happier than before I was on the drug. I am only starting to realize how unhappy and messed-up I was for the past few years- I guess because I feel so much better now. I hadn't realized how much I isolated myself or that I even was depressed. Now that I feel so great, I can see I wasn't a 100% happy and was a bit depressed.

Anyhow, I don't want to tell you to go on it, but I love it. Good luck in your quest.

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