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Been here before ..severe scars

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I have had infini, genius and subsiscion. What next? I am contemplating full on co2 with the  laser providers that still off the 1980s treatment to zap these deep trophic scars. Comments, no matter how rude, welcome!! I have heard it all about my skin. From elephant woman to "you have the worst f^^^^^^ skin I have ever seen". I can take it!





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I can’t imagine why anyone would say you have the worst skin or call you elephant woman so first off I’m so sorry about that, those people clearly have issues...


How many subcisions have you done? Did you use fillers or cupping after subcision?

Yours look pretty textural in my opinion but I feel like they can still be tethered because mine have looked deceivingly like that too. In my last subcision I had a thin filler called skinboost throughout since my scarring is widespread. That was my 4th subcision after previously doing the regular thicker HA spot filler. It could be a combination of both type of fillers, but I feel like the thinner filler actually worked better for me since it covered more area. It worked really well on my scarring on the side of my mouth especially. I had that done 8 months ago and still have really good results compared to my previous treatments. My previous treatments with regular spot filler improved it, but I was going back every 6 months desperate because there were so many obvious areas still. 

If you decide to do filler please make sure you do subcision beforehand, I got the “Donut” effect after doing only filler once and it made them look so much worse. 

I haven’t used co2 laser so I can’t speak on that, but I haven’t heard great things about it on this site. 

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