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Can acne be hormonal if it's constantly there?

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Over my 5 years of having acne I realize that there's one thing I don't quite understand. I've always thought it has been hormonal (I'm 25 and female btw), but is acne really hormonal if you have it every single day... And not only before/during your period?

I do EVERYTHING that's on the internet on "how to cure hormonal acne" in terms of nutrition and supplement, and nothing has worked...

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Have you ever been tested for the cause of the acne?

Acne can be cause by bacteria, fungus, microscopic demodex skin mites and in some cases out of wack hormones.  Treatment for each type of acne is completely different.  A knowledgeable dermatologist can run tests to determine the real cause.  Unfortunately a lot of old school dermatologists rely on visual exams and never test.

I was misdiagnosed with bacterial acne for decades.  Treated with every high test prescription antibiotic, benzoyl peroxide, Retin-A, Micro Retin-A, etc.  The last of 4 board certified dermatologist I went to finally said "Gee maybe its hormonal".  None of them ever ran a test to confirm their visual diagnosis.    The cause turned out to be a serious case of demodex skin mites.    Demodex skin mites  live on a 14-21 day cycle.  When they die they can cause pustules.   They also cause blackheads, papules, body acne, scalp acne and eye issues including blepharitis demodex also known as ocular rosacea (red eyes).  There is a 2 week combined 2 drug treatment with Oral Ivermectin + Oral Metronidazole that worked for me.  It was published in a medical study here:


If you aren't sure what's causing the skin issues and you are not able to see a dermatologist you could try an anti-microbial approach to treatment.   Anti-microbial treatments can fight bacteria, fungus and demodex skin mites.

Basic Anti-microbial treatment:

1.  Use a face wash containing Tea Tree oil (The Body Shop Tea Tree oil cleanser, Desert Essence Original Face Wash, etc - available on Amazon.  Kroger may still sell the Desert Essence Original Face Wash). 

2.  Follow the face wash with Hypochlorous (HOCL) acid (0.01%-0.02% concentration) spray.   Spray face and massage in as needed with clean fingers to makes sure your face is covered.  HOCL is the same substance produced by the human white blood cells in response to injury.   It is a weak acid but highly effective against bacteria, mold/fungus and the juvenile (nymph) form of demodex skin mites.  You can find HOCL face spray on Amazon.   BrioTech Labs sells a 4 oz bottle for $11.95.   Other brands are also available including the over-priced Avenova ($30 per ounce), and others such as Occusoft Hypochlor and Heyedrate Lid and Lash Cleanser.

3.  Moisturize.  For fungal acne be careful which moisturizer you use - fungus lives on oil so the right type of moisturizer is needed.

4.  Use a clean towel daily for face (and body if body acne is an issue).



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