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Red Marks after quitting benzoyl peroxide

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I have recently began a new regimen (consisting of doing NOTHING for my skin, because i simply don't care anymore) and it has thus far yielded surprisingly good results. Frankly i don't care if my face breaks out again because the red marks i gained while treating my acne with benzaclin (containing benzoyl peroxide) were much worse than when i had a few active pimples at a time that left a very short-term red mark. Anyhow, I was wondering if i would notice a significant decrease in the duration of red marks left from old acne after eliminating benzaclin from my "regimen". I used benzaclin for the last 6 months and i know that others have commonly experienced prolonged red marks due to its usage, but will ending this usage make the current marks fade faster than continuing its usage? I am just trying to gain a better understanding of how benzoyl peroxide affects red marks.

Thanks ninja.gif

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There is no scientific proof that BP makes red marks last longer. But it is highly highly expected. Based after what nearly everyone on this board with red marks has said.

Basicly, any topical that isn't designed to make red marks fade, will make your red marks last longer. Which is why its recomended to clear up your acne first. Most topical perscriptions (like benzaclin) will make red marks last longer. even some oral medicines like minocycline are reported by users to make red marks last longer and be more severe.

anyway, good luck with your "regimen" biggrin.gif

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Since quitting the use of benzaclin i have gotten a few small spots on my forehead. These seemed to dry up very quickyl and this morning when i woke up my forehead was completely smooth again. The mark left is virtually invisible and i believe that they will fade within a week, 2 weeks at the most. I can't believe i remained faithful to benzaclin all these years when it was just worsening hyperpigmentation. Don't get me wrong,j if you can get completely clear on it, go for it. But i constantly would have one or two pimples that led to month long marks i.e. NEVER a blemish free face. I recommend not washing the face! My attitude is so much better now that i just disreguard my face and let it takes it own course. It's nice to not think about my face every time i go out in public and to constantly worry about people's opinions of me. razz.gif

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